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Now and then Switzerland’s delicate stances on Israel

Switzerland, one of the first countries to recognize the state of Israel, is alarmed by the level of violence in Gaza Strip.

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The life of a mediator ‘We are constantly surrounded by people yet always alone’

Swiss mediator Julian Hottinger lives out of his suitcase and negotiates for days on end – ‘even with the devil’ if necessary.

Geneva talks What’s to be done about killer robots?

Activists seeking to persuade nations to ban so-called killer robots say they are cautiously optimistic about talks on the future of such weapons.

Donor conference Switzerland pledges more emergency aid to Yemen

Switzerland has promised an extra CHF4 million ($4.2 million) towards humanitarian aid for Yemen at a United Nations donor conference in Geneva.

Conference on Disarmament Can the Swiss help revitalise nuclear talks?

Switzerland is taking over the presidency of the world's main multilateral forum for nuclear disarmament, which has been deadlocked for two decades.

Disarmament Why Switzerland hasn’t (yet) signed the treaty banning nuclear weapons

Switzerland has not yet signed or ratified the Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty, adopted by the United Nations last summer.