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Fahr Convent A day in the life of a Swiss nun

Just 20 nuns still live in Fahr Convent. But their future is uncertain, as they can’t find any new members.

Mould masters Rotting CERN photos turned into art

After years of slow degradation, bacteria growing on the slides has eaten away at the gelatine, creating new images.

Aarau carrot market Carrots as you’ve never seen them

The city of Aarau in northern Switzerland always turns into a Mecca for carrot-lovers on the first Wednesday of November.

Day of the dead When death is celebrated

Together, Mexican expats and the Swiss prepare offerings to the deceased in several parts of Switzerland.

Safe to eat? Mushroom school tests the senses

Autumn is mushroom season, and there’s a Swiss school devoted to finding and identifying the edible ones.

Healthcare A Swiss dental clinic on wheels

Since 2014, Michael Keller’s mobile clinic has been offering invaluable dental care to elderly residents in central Switzerland. 

Niklaus Meienberg Swiss journalism icon took his own life 25 years ago

Renowned Swiss journalist and intellectual Niklaus Meienberg ended his own life 25 years ago.  We look back at his life in photos.

Open-air art Extravagant photographs shown in lakeside town of Vevey

Every two years Vevey becomes a town of photographs. For three weeks, monumental pictures are shown at the festival, "Images Vevey".

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