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Opinion Switzerland’s global status is in jeopardy

Three recent Swiss diplomatic controversies have raised questions about whether the country can still be considered a moral voice in world affairs.

Opinion Switzerland’s golden opportunity for responsible business

Mark Pieth of the University of Basel criticises the Swiss government for lacking the political will to build a more responsible gold supply chain.

Opinion ‘Insurance surveillance law is open to interpretation’

Social Democratic parliamentarian Silvia Schenker argues the new law on social security insurance fraud was drafted in haste and is of poor quality.

Opinion ‘Insurance fraud is unfair and asocial’

Taxpayers and honest citizens will have to foot the bill for insurance cheats if a new law is not accepted by voters, argues Mauro Tuena.

Opinion The initiative? No need to take the cow by the horns

The cow horn initiative is unnecessary and could stir up dissension among farmers, warns Pierre-André Page, parliamentarian and a farmer himself.

Opinion ‘Yes’ in the name of animal welfare

The health and well-being of animals is the main motivation behind the cow horn initiative, says Green Party parliamentarian Michael Töngi.

Point of view Sovereign food initiative: a vision with costly consequences

The sovereign food initiative proposes severe regulations with negative consequences for producers and consumers, writes Regine Sauter.

Point of view Sovereign food initiative: support your local farmers

The initiative for food sovereignty strengthens direct trade between farmers and consumers, write Ulrike Minkner and Mathias Stalder.

Opinion The making of International Geneva

2019 will mark 100 years since the creation of the League of Nations, precursor of the United Nations.

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