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Ahead of the 2019 elections Recruiting voters to be part of the campaign

Traditional politics has relied on influencing public opinion largely through the press. The new politics is all about mobilising crowds. 

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Justice initiative Choose judges by lot? How fair is that?

A Swiss people’s initiative has called for federal judges to be drawn by lot. A look at the pros and cons of the Swiss system.

Direct democracy online E-voting to be introduced permanently

The government wants to enshrine electronic voting in Swiss law as an alternative to paper ballots in elections and votes.

Crypto Valley Swiss blockchain voting platform begins trial

The town of Zug has launched a trial blockchain voting system that could be rolled out to cover public votes in future years.

Ballot counting Swiss government guilty of repeated miscalculation

For the first time in history, voters may have go back to the polls at the national level to decide for a second time on the same people’s initiative.

Direct Democracy Holidaymaker becomes village chief

It took a headhunter to find a new local council leader in Tujetsch - a man who owns a holiday flat in the mountain village.