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Democracy Labs

Making democracy more democratic? Young researchers explain how they’re trying to do that in our video series.

in depth Vote September 23, 2018

What was at stake in the nationwide votes about food production and bicycle promotion in Switzerland?

#DearDemocracy’s international portal for people with a passion for politics

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Refugee integration Solomon wants to start a new life

Like many refugees in Switzerland, Solomon Aklilu hasn’t got a job. But thanks to a government program, he can now do an internship and attend school.

Comment storm ‘Excellent’ or ‘bigoted’? Readers react to St Gallen burka ban

Voters in canton St Gallen banned face coverings in public and comments from readers flooded in. Here’s a representative selection.

Elections Why expatriate Swiss seldom vote

More than half of the Swiss electorate do not take part in federal elections. Turnout among the Swiss Abroad community is particularly low. 

#DearDemocracy Globi: the cartoon character explaining democracy to kids

Consensus government, division of powers, federal constitution: all frightening words for children. Until Globi came along.

Child marriages When children forced to marry stay married

Marriages involving minors must be annulled, according to Swiss law. Exceptions are permitted if it seems to be in the child’s best interests.

mass tourism When it comes to day trippers, Lucerne tops Venice

A report on the problems of mass tourism in Lucerne. The tourism industry is cashing in, but local people are losing patience.